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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any lawsuits being filed against Google?

Google has been sued in the past year by an employee who claimed the tech giant has secretly viewed his online communications and is using it against him, and earlier this year, it terminated employees who allegedly accessed highly confidential company information.

How does Google Keep an eye on its employees?

Google keeps a close eye on its employees through a number of tracking mechanisms when they engage in certain online activities, according to a new report.

Who is the Chief Compliance Officer at Google?

In a statement in response to reports of illegally underpaid temporary workers, Spyro Karetsos, chief compliance officer at Google said: “We’re doing a thorough review and we’re committed to identifying and addressing any pat discrepancies that the team has not already addressed.

What to expect at a Google press event?

A press event lists those three, and as such we could see anything from new smart speakers, security devices, or additions to how Google Maps and travel-booking sites like Google Flights works.

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