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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you set up Google Voice on your computer?

How to set up Google Voice on a computer. The simplest way to set up Voice is by going to the Google Voice website on a computer and clicking “Get Google Voice.” You’ll need to be signed into your Google account. 1. The page will then prompt you to select which device you’ll be using the service on (Android, iOS, or web).

How do you find someone on Google Voice?

Method: How to find out if someone is using Google Voice 1: Call the number back and listen to the voicemail 2: Use a website that specifically looks for Google Voice numbers 3: Check other reverse phone number databases for mentions of

How can I port my Google Voice?

How to Port to Google Voice. Google makes the process fairly simple. Go to and under “Settings” select “Change/Port.” There will be an option to port your number in. Google gives you the option to test your number first to see if it is even eligible to be ported.

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