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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Gotcha mean?

What does gotcha mean? Gotcha is a popular term that means, "I understand you," or, "Ah, I get you." It comes from the combination of "got' and "ya". The term is commonly used informally to answer in the affirmative. Also, it is most often said out loud in conversation.

What does "Gotcha" mean?

The word “gotcha” is an informal way of saying “I got you ” It all depends on your tone. It can be used sincerely or sarcastically to imply that you understood something. How do you use gotcha slang? (spelled the way it is often spoken) got you: ” Gotcha (= caught you), you little thief!” she cried, as I tried to snatch a cookie from the table.

What is the plural of Gotcha?

gotcha (plural gotchas) (colloquial) A potential problem or source of trouble. (colloquial) An instance of publicly tricking someone or exposing them to ridicule, especially by means of an elaborate deception. (colloquial) An instance of accomplishing a tricky idea or overcoming a difficult obstacle.

What exactly is "Gotcha Day"?

Gotcha Day is the most beloved day among adoptive families as it is typically the day to celebrate a child becoming legally part of one's family . This court session often has a lot of fanfare and emotion. Some families even celebrate the day yearly, almost like a second birthday.

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