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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a government publication?

Government Publication (Definition) A book, manuscript, newspaper, magazine, journal, document, pamphlet, printed music, illustration, map, paper, photograph, microfiche, film, tape or disk, which has been produced by, or on behalf of, an agency for the purposes of informing the public.

What is a popular publication?

A popular publication will contain language easily understood by a general audience. They are usually written by journalists or freelance writers and do not undergo a formal review by experts before release. Popular publications generally do not have full citations for information used to write the piece.

What is Government Printing Office Manual?

The Government Printing Office Style Manual, GPO for short, is a handbook produced by the United States Government Publishing Office. It is designed for printers of federal government documents and has been adopted by government writers as the authority on matters of style, that is, questions of language that are not black and white but grey.

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