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Frequently Asked Questions

What is grantgrantsolutions?

GrantSolutions is a financial assistance management software platform that enables Federal agencies to manage grants and cooperative agreements through the entire award life cycle including pre-award, award, post-award, and closeout.

When will grantsolutions be used for financial assistance management?

Between May and November 2020 all DOI bureaus will deploy GrantSolutions for financial assistance management. The DOI GrantSolutions transition is planned to occur in three phases, with DOI bureaus transitioning to GrantSolutions on a staggered schedule.

How will dodoi financial assistance recipients receive system access to grantsolutions?

DOI financial assistance recipients will receive system access and training according to their awarding bureau’s GrantSolutions deployment timeline. They will be contacted directly by GrantSolutions with training and system access details in advance of their scheduled training and deployment dates.

Why did the Department of the interior partner with grantsolutions?

The Department of the Interior (DOI) has chosen to partner with GrantSolutions to standardize financial assistance management procedures and increase transparency and efficiency across all DOI bureaus. View the DOI and GrantSolutions partnership announcement.

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