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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Grapher software?

With Grapher software, graphing is accurate and fast. Grapher is easy to understand technical graphing software for anyone who needs to create publication-quality graphs quickly and easily. With Grapher software, graphing is quick and easy.

How do I make a graph in Grapher?

With Grapher software, graphing is quick and easy. Create your own custom graphs by using the easy to follow Graph Wizard. Add legends, curve fits, annotations, and drawing objects to complete the graph. Organize your objects in the improved Object Manager and edit your graphs in the updated Property Inspector.

How do I open Grapher scriptter?

ToopenScripter,navigatetotheC:\ProgramFiles\GoldenSoftware\Grapher directoryanddoubleclicktheScripterexecutable.IfScripterisnotpresent, theinstallationofScriptermayhavebeenskippedwhenGrapherwasinstalled. SeetheREADME.RTFfileintheGrapherinstallationdirectoryforinformation abouttheinstallationprocess.

What is the use case for a graphic Grapher?

Grapher is a full solution designed to cover advanced graphing needs (both 2D and 3D), almost regardless of their purpose; it can prove to be an asset with presentations of all sort (marketing, analysis, sales) or just to better portray a specific situation.

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