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Frequently Asked Questions

What does graphic rating scale mean in human resources?

Posted in Human Resources Terms, Total Reads: 36747. Graphic Rating Scale is a type of performance appraisal method. In this method traits or behaviours that are important for effective performance are listed out and each employee is rated against these traits. The rating helps employers to quantify the behaviours displayed by its employees.

What do you mean by performance appraisal in HRM?

However, the term performance appraisal or evaluation is most widely used. Performance appraisal is a systematic evaluation of the employee’s present job capabilities and also his potential for growth and development by his superiors.

How are the scores on a graphic rating scale determined?

The respondent checks his or her response at any point along a continuum. Typically a respondent’s score is determined by measuring the length (in millimeters) from either endpoint of the graphic continuum. The results are usually interval data. Other graphic rating scales use pictures, icons, or other visuals to communicate with the raters.

How is the rating scale used in the workplace?

This can be then used to formulate a plan on how to improve the scores of employees below the required benchmark. By improving the ratings of employees at lower ratings will overall push the average up and improve the benchmarks thereby continuously improving the productivity of the company.

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