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Frequently Asked Questions

What goes well with grilled salmon?

Fruity Rosé. The juicy, melony style of rosé that’s common in California is a terrific match for many types of grilled foods, and salmon is no exception. They work especially well with salmon dishes that include cooked tomatoes or olives, or with grilled salmon tacos.

What side dish goes with salmon?

Asparagus is often paired with salmon as a side. This salad gives you a tasty vegetable with some citrus and Caesar flavor.

What to serve with grilled salmon?

Serve grilled asparagus. Lightly charred vegetables have a bold enough flavor that they can stand up to the salmon's woody, earthy taste. Just brush the stalks with olive oil, season with sea salt and pepper, and lay over the grates until they're tender when pierced with a knife.

What food goes well with salmon?

Vegetables that go with salmon. Whether it is canned pink salmon or the packaged variety, salmon makes for a relatively quick meal if you want to include a type of fish. Tremendously healthy, salmon is a great source for omega-3, with an estimated 142 to 200 calories raw. Many items go well with salmon, but a favourite complimentary food is a choice of vegetables.

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