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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the headquarters of the Grillz company?

Our main headquarters are now located in Atlanta, Georgia and have a large customer base of those looking to add a little flair to their teeth. Our product, often referred to as “grillz” or “slugs” stand out from our competitors. Every product we make is important to us, and we take the time to quality check each and every set we make.

What do you need to know about gold Grillz?

GOLD TEETH GRILLZ. Custom gold grillz is a product that is custom made to fit your teeth. Because everyone's teeth differ in size and shape, there is not one exact way to make a type of product to fit perfectly. This is why people want a custom made gold teeth. The product is tailored to fit flawlessly into his or her teeth.

Is the Grill in New York a steakhouse?

THE GRILL is a historically based American chophouse set in midcentury New York. It takes great inspiration from history; both the time the Seagram Building was built and the restaurants that existed at that time. It is the precursor to the NY Steakhouse, when things were still intricate and elegant.

Where did the gold teeth Grillz come from?

Custom Grillz made just for you! Custom Grillz made just for you! Established in 1987, in Brooklyn New York, this is where we creatively became known for our gold teeth. Our company made gold teeth for the movie industry as well as the music industry.

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