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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paul Wall’s Grillz?

Even years before he went into business with Johnny Dang, he was personally invested through his company Grillz by Paul Wall. In 2007, he was featured on Nelly’s certified Platinum Grammy nominated hit “Grillz.” The song is about grillz (obviously) and about just how lively they’ll cause your social life, persona, and mouth to become.

When did Grillz by Nelly come out?

"Grillz" Single by Nelly featuring Paul Wall and Ali & Gipp; from the album Sweatsuit; Released: November 8, 2005: Recorded: 2005: Genre: Hip hop: Length: 4: 30: Label

Who is the singer of Grillz?

" Grillz " is a song recorded by American rapper Nelly featuring fellow American rappers Paul Wall, Ali & Gipp and uncredited vocals by American singer Brandi Williams.

Who is Paul Wall’s business partner Johnny Dang?

More recently, Paul Wall has broken into the grillz industry in a new, major way thanks to his friend and business partner—Johnny Dang. Johnny Dang is a long-time jeweler who not only credits himself for popularizing grillz altogether, but also for influencing Nelly’s hit song on the diamond-encrusted mouth pieces.

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