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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gro Intelligence and how does it work?

Sara Menker, an Ethiopia-born former Wall Street commodities trader, founded Gro Intelligence in Kenya in 2014 to fill a global gap in the world of agricultural data. The startup builds up huge data sets on the many variables that affect food production, from crop yield and soil quality to climatic factors.

What is menmenker's Gro Intelligence?

Menker’s Gro Intelligence is positioning to be the world’s first big data platform for agriculture and climate risk modeling. Her plan is to operate on a scale that will define how countries and food companies plan their entire value chain, while helping to solve global climate challenges. She has caught investors’ attention in a big way.

Who is Gro Intelligence's CISO?

Dave Weinstein is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of Gro Intelligence. Dave joined Gro from McKinsey & Company, where he was an Associate Partner specializing in cybersecurity. Dave's professional experience spans both the public and private sectors.

Who are the experts at Gro?

The Gro team today includes domain experts in plant science, agronomy, hydrology, commodities trading, data science and machine learning. These experts sit side by side with the best designers and engineers, enabling our users to maximize the value they generate from our data platform.

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