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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are all the Grocon buildings in Australia?

Grocon has built four of Australia's five tallest buildings in Melbourne, Sydney and South-east Queensland. Since, Grocon has increased operations abroad in India and the United Arab Emirates.

Where did the company Grocon originally come from?

Founded in Melbourne in 1948, it expanded to operate in India and the Middle East. In November 2020, parts of the company were placed in voluntary administration . Grocon grew from a small family concreting business established in Victoria, by Luigi Grollo after he emigrated from Treviso, Italy in 1928.

Where did Grocon lose most of its projects?

Amid the fallout from the collapse, Grocon has lost major projects in Melbourne and Sydney. Probuild has taken over construction of Grocon’s $116 million Northumberland office project in inner Melbourne.

What kind of real estate does Grocon build?

Since then we’ve delivered the highest quality Premium and A Grade office buildings; completed five star hotels in Melbourne and Sydney; redeveloped entire city blocks as comprehensive mixed use retail-commercial-residential precincts and we’ve given new life to some of Australia’s most historic buildings.

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