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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the company Grocon originally come from?

Founded in Melbourne in 1948, it expanded to operate in India and the Middle East. In November 2020, parts of the company were placed in voluntary administration . Grocon grew from a small family concreting business established in Victoria, by Luigi Grollo after he emigrated from Treviso, Italy in 1928.

Who are the administrators for Grocon Construction Company?

A spokeswoman for Grocon was unable to say which entities had been placed in administration or who the administrators were. She also declined to comment on how much money is owed to creditors. “It is unfortunate that INSW is forcing our hand to place the construction business into administration.

When did Grocon start building high rise buildings?

In the 1970s, Grocon moved into concrete construction, such as shopping centres and high-rise buildings and started developing the projects themselves. It was also during the 1970s that Luigi Grollo handed the company over to his two sons and the business continued to rapidly expand.

What was the cost of the Grocon project in Melbourne?

The Age reported on Friday that Grocon's only Melbourne project – a $111 million inner-city office development for the Liberman family – had ground to a halt, with subcontractors understood to be owed six months' back pay.

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