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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Grocon Construction do their work in Australia?

Grocon construction works throughout the Eastern seaboard of Australia. At Grocon we’ve been developing major CBD office and residential projects since 1982. Grocon develops and builds residential projects in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. View our latest and greatest projects right here. Keep up to date on the latest Grocon news.

Where did the company Grocon originally come from?

Founded in Melbourne in 1948, it expanded to operate in India and the Middle East. In November 2020, parts of the company were placed in voluntary administration . Grocon grew from a small family concreting business established in Victoria, by Luigi Grollo after he emigrated from Treviso, Italy in 1928.

How to contact the administrators of Grocon real estate?

If you have any questions in relation to the Administrations, please contact [email protected] or visit for further information. The Administrators are relying on ASIC Corporations Instrument 2015/251 in relation to financial reporting obligations.

How many subsidiaries of Grocon are in administration?

Some Grocon subsidiaries are not in administration, but the 87 subsidiaries that are – tangled in interlocking relationships and related-party loans – comprise the vast majority of the group.

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