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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I grow a longer beard?

Apply eucalyptus oil. A natural way to help beards grow faster is by applying eucalyptus oil to the beard area. Apply eucalyptus oil with a little warm water to penetrate the skin better. Put the oil in the palm of your hand and rub the face in circular motions.

What is the correct way to trim a beard?

If you like the control of using a comb but you don’t like scissors, you can always trim your beard using a comb and your beard trimmer. Simply hold your beard hairs in place, and use your beard trimmer to move along the length of the comb.

How do you trim a beard?

Work around the entire exterior of the beard by combing the hairs and cutting along the comb line. When you move around your face, make sure the length is the same throughout your entire beard. Trim the beard hairs with clippers in addition to or instead of scissors.

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