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Frequently Asked Questions

What grooming tools are needed for Shih Tzu long term?

Clippers. Andis, Wahl, and Oster all make great dog clippers that work well for a Shih Tzu. ... Brushes. The best way to maintain Shih Tzu hair is to brush it on a regular basis. ... Combs. Combs are perfect for detangling any final mats or tangles in sensitive places. They are also a safer option for combing and cleaning your dog's face.

How often should I Groom my shih tzu puppy?

Re: how often should you take a dog to a groomer It depends on the dog. If its a high maintance dog such as a shih tzu they need to go every 3 to 4 weeks to be bathed in a tangle free shampoo and be professionally groomed.

How often should you walk a shih tzu dog?

The general rule is that small to medium-sized dogs such as the Shih Tzu need one 30 minute walk per day, although this can be broken up into two walks of 15 minutes each.

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