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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the pet grooming business in South Florida?

This 1,300 square foot business is located in a busy strip shopping center in upscale and affluent South Florida. There is a vet office two doors down. We have been in business for almost 17 years with 9 of them being a salon at this location, and the remainder being a viable mobile pet grooming business.

How many groomers does it take to run a dog Salon?

The salon can run with 1-4 groomers easily and 1-2 bathers. Currently operates with 2 groomers and Owner along with a full time bather Monday-Friday. Salon stays booked out 3-4weeks typically. New clients calling in daily. Average groom prices Start at $55 small, $60-70 medium , $70-85+ for large/XL dogs.

How much does a dog groomer cost in New Mexico?

Asking $235,000. Contact Clara 708-932-3429. Advantage this decades-established dog-grooming business in one of the most animal-centric states in the country, New Mexico.

How much would you pay for well grooming salon?

Well established Grooming Salon for 20 years in a near western suburb of DuPage County, IL. Loyal customer base. All equipment and inventory included. Owner retiring but will stay on to transition smoothly. Call 847-826-7430 for more information. Serious inquiries only please. Asking $30,000. 8/20/22 AD# B-2021-0124

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