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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of guardguard?

guard 1. A form of security operation whose primary task is to protect the main force by fighting to gain time while also observing and reporting information, and to prevent enemy ground observation of and direct fire against the main body by reconnoitering, attacking, defending, and delaying.

What does it mean to guard a place?

To watch over (a place or person, for example) in order to keep from being damaged, robbed, or injured: guard a bank; guarding a witness. See Synonyms at defend. To supervise the entry and exit through; keep watch at: guard a door. To watch over so as to prevent escape or violence: guard a prisoner.

What is the verb for guard?

transitive verb. 1 : to protect an edge of with an ornamental border. 2a : to protect from danger especially by watchful attention : make secure police guarding our cities. b : to stand at the entrance of as if on guard or as a barrier.

What is the meaning of guard in sports?

Sports. to position oneself so as to obstruct or impede the movement or progress of (an opponent on offense): The linebacker moved to his right to guard the end going out for a pass. Chess. to protect (a piece or a square) by placing a piece in a supportive or defensive position relative to it.

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