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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a NRA firearm safety course in Massachusetts?

Our Firearm Safety Class is the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) Home Firearm Safety Course (LTC-007) and fulfills the Massachusetts State Police-approved training required to obtain the Massachusetts Class A LTC or FID. NRA’s Basic Firearm Safety (LTC-002) class is available upon request.

Where to get firearms training in Everett MA?

Please try again later. Boston Firearms is a full service training facility located in Everett, MA. Boston Firearms provides the necessary Basic Firearm Safety Course for MA residents to meet the training requirement for their MA Class A, License To Carry and Firearms Identification Card (FID).

How to contact the Boston firearms training center?

Parties with a Firearms Theme can be celebrated at the training center or held off site to better suit your parties needs. At Boston Firearms, you can also enjoy Live-Fire-Shooting with your friends and colleagues! Call us at 617-944-0985 to inquire about these discounted rates.

Are there shooting classes in Boston, MA?

Boston Firearms offers a Special Shooting Class ( Boston/Brookline Qualification Practice Test) for the residents of Brookline and Boston. For Tactical Training, we have an indoor shoot house offered for civilians and Law Enforcement.

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