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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to get the best firearms training in Virginia?

Welcome to Capital Defense Instruction LLC -northern Virginia’s premier personal safety and firearms training academy.

Is there a shooting club in Richmond VA?

Colonial Shooting Academy is the nation’s largest indoor shooting facility and the premier shooting club open to the public in Richmond. Everything you need for a great day of shooting you’ll find under our roof, from convenient firearm rental and armorer services to a retail store and staff that’s second to none.

What kind of gun training is available in DC?

We provide firearm safety education, pistol marksmanship simulator training, personal safety strategies classes, comprehensive multi-state concealed carry permit courses, the DC Concealed Pistol License Course, safety-related consultation and intentional live-fire instruction on the range for the new to experienced shooter.

Which is the worlds greatest gun range in Richmond VA?

Worlds Greatest Gun Range in Richmond VA #WorldsGreatestTV Colonial Shooting Academy (Richmond, VA) is happy to have been chosen as the “World’s Greatest!” gun range. At CSA, our team strives to offer a top-notch experience for our customers and we have been diligently working to do so for almost 6 years.

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