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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with Microsoft gun registry?

Full version has no limits. A database for your firearms and their accessories. You can add images, invoices, receipts, and accessories for each firearm. Track the acquisition and disposition of firearms and accessories, record and configure manufacturers and individuals for each record.

Is it good to have a gun safe?

Nonetheless, getting a gun safe is a good idea for protecting your valuables. A gun safe makes sure that your valuables are only accessible to you. The suitable answer is to get a gun safe and use it, this way a crook will not be able to steal your guns.

What do you need to know about file safe?

File Safe may be the best solution for your problems. File Safe is file security software, and it supply locking, hiding and encryption method to protect your confidential information and personal data on a desktop, notebook, or a removable data storage device against unauthorized access.

Do you need a password to use file safe?

User can not open File Safe unless the valid password is entered. Meanwhile, with File Safe, it is convenient for users to manage their confidential files and folders. Besides, the in-built file explorer can help you in finding out and managing desired files and folders easily and fast. File Safe is like a real safe.

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