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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of gun can I buy in Alaska?

Ruger Stainless Steel .22 Cal Bearcat single action revolver. If you are not fimiliar with this gun, it is a small This is a Stoger - Uberti .357 Magnum, single action, Competition Revolver. It features a blued round barrel, case harde

How big is a 450 Alaskan rifle bullet?

The m71 is a 6.5 pound gun. The recoil from the 450 is "more than noticeable", some might label it severe. At 4200 fp muzzle energy, the 450 Alaskan is viable on all North American game. Nominal bullet diameter is .458".

How big is a 450 Alaskan gmdr case?

Case capacity for the 450 is, full case, 88.1 gr. (of water), with a bullet seated .400", 71.4 gr. In comparison, the 458 Win Mag offers 87.4 and 70.8 gr., respectively. When chambered in a 9 or 10 pound gun, the recoil from the 458 Win Mag is "noticeable".

Which is better 450 Alaskan or 450 Fuller?

(The Ackley version, the 450-348 Improved, trims the body taper to .010" and uses the standard Improved 40 degree shoulder; the 450 Fuller version adds .004" more body taper back in and reduces the shoulder to 20 degrees. Because of the more tapered nature, the 450 Alaskan feeds better than either of these other variations.)

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