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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to sell a gun?

Take advantage of the benefits of online gun auctions when you’re ready to sell some of your firearms. Rock Island Auction Company is one of the top auction sites for firearms, so it’s the site to trust.

How do you sell a gun online?

There's basically two ways to sell your gun online - on a classifieds website for a price you name, or via an online auction. Selling via a classified website has just one problem - you have to name a price. And if you choose a price too high, nobody will be interested.

Where can you sell old guns?

Sell your antique gun through an auction house. Auction houses have the power to effectively advertise, and they often receive the largest amount of prospective buyers. An auction house tends to take approximately 35 percent of the price a gun sells for to cover commission and taxes. Consider selling at a gun show.

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