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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of glasses do Gunnar glasses use?

These GUNNAR Optiks Vertex reading glasses have a curved nose rest that improves weight distribution and eliminates pressure points. See clearly and use computers comfortably with these GUNNAR Optiks Vertex reading glasses.

Why do you need Gunnar blue blocker glasses?

With GUNNAR blue blocker glasses, you’ll enhance your vision to reach peak performance. “GUNNAR’s patented lens technology is designed to address the symptoms of digital eye strain. Their experience since 2006, and constant innovation on the latest research, is what sets them apart.

Are there any Prive Revaux glasses on QVC?

If you're in the market for sunglasses or reading glasses, QVC offers a wide selection of Prive Revaux's designer frames. These chic glasses will revolutionize how you think of eyewear, and once you try a pair, you'll never want to wear anything else.

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