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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Gunnar glasses really work?

If you work in an office or enjoy playing video games, you’ve probably seen someone wear a pair of GUNNAR Optiks eyeglasses. Most commonly referred to as “GUNNARS,” these glasses are believed to minimize eye strain caused by staring at a digital screen.

Are Gunnar glasses worth it?

Overall, I find Gunnar Glasses to be a great product for the price! They have a number of frame and lens combinations to choose from and will certainly keep your eyes comfortable and protected. Furthermore, their rebate is comparative to industry standards and the company keeps evolving as new technology comes out.

Where to buy Gunnar glasses?

Dell,, B&H and Hewlett Packard Enterprise also sell GUNNAR products online. You can also find GUNNAR glasses in stores worldwide, such as Best Buy and GameStop, if shopping for computer glasses is something you prefer to do away from your screen.

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