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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Gunns camp in Hollyford New Zealand?

Gunn’s Camp is situated 8km off the Milford Road down the Hollyford Valley, and 8km from the end of the road to the start of the Hollyford track.

Is it safe to stay at Gunn's camp?

Trade some luxury for a great experience. Had stayed at Gunn's Camp while tramping a few years ago and returned recently with my wife. The position of the camp worked well with us doing some of the walks in the area and visiting Milford.

Why was Gunn's camp called Gunns camp?

The collection of 25 cabins was originally known as Henderson’s Camp after Jack Henderson who was the engineer in charge of the project. World War II was declared not long after the camp was completed and the roading work stopped so that men could join the war effort.

How is the cabin at Gunn's motor camp?

Our cabin was comfortable and warmed by a fire which the proprietors lit for us, the double bed was very comfortable (we hired bedding to avoid carrying it for one night) and was made up for us by our hosts. The proprietors seemed very friendly and willing to help in any way.

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