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Frequently Asked Questions

What to see in the Gunns Plains caves?

Guided cave tours though a limestone cave which has a permanent stream running the length of the cave. Spectacular calcite formations with lots of colour. Glowworm display and you may spy Platypus or Giant freshwater Lobster in the stream.

Which is the nearest city to Gunns Plains in Tasmania?

Gunns Plains sits in the northwest of Tasmania and the nearest city is Devonport. Being only 43 kilometres away, Devonport is a quick 40-minute drive. Launceston, Tasmania's largest inland city, sits 143 kilometres away and that drive will take you nearly 2 hours.

When did Bill Woodhouse enter Gunns Plains Cave?

Mr Bill Woodhouse entered Gunns Plains Cave in 1906 after a hunting trip. The cave consists of a series of caverns and short passages through which visitors are escorted along well lit concrete pathways. The cave entrance is situated 30 metres from the car park. Upon entry a flight of 54 concrete steps are descended.

Where are the caves near Ulverstone in Tasmania?

Just 20 kilometres from Ulverstone in northwest Tasmania sits a massive limestone show cave near Gunns Plains. This 275-metre cave is home to the endangered Tasmanian Giant Freshwater Crayfish, the shy platypus and the glimmering glowworm. It's a well lit and easy walk past impressive stalactites, stalagmites, helictites and flowstone.

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