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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Business is Gunns woodchip company?

Gunns was one of the largest export woodchip operation in the Southern Hemisphere, and one of two chip export companies sourcing raw materials from Tasmanian forests, the other being Neville Smith Forest Products through their SmartFiber branch in Bell Bay. Gunns announced a $900 million loss for 2011–12 and debts of $3 billion.

Where are the Gunns sawmills in Western Australia?

Gunns operated three hardwood sawmills in Western Australia. Their nationwide product line of timber flooring included the hardwood, Jarrah, found in the southwest of the state. The timber is reddish-brown when hewn and is, "renowned for its beauty, warmth and durability".

What was the profit of Gunns Timber Company?

Tasmanian timber company Gunns has had a long and controversial history. In its golden days, its shares were trading at $4 each and the company was turning an annual profit of $100 million. It was once the biggest hardwood sawmiller in the southern hemisphere, employing 1,200 people.

Who are the Gunn brothers and what did they do?

Brothers John and Thomas Gunn establish a building business in Launceston, moving to timber production in the 1890s. 1974 John Gay appointed timber manager Former sawmiller John Gay joins the company to manage the Waverly and Summerhill plants. 1986 Company publicly lists, Gay appointed managing director

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