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Frequently Asked Questions

When do Guns N Roses go on tour?

Guns N' Roses have postponed the rest of their "Not In This Lifetime" Tour until 2021, where they will spend the summer and fall headlining some of the country's biggest venues.

How many shows have Guns N Roses played?

The latter tour spanned across 10 years and multiple legs due to numrous cancellations and delays. The band was inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in 2012 and the original line up reunited in 2016 for the Not in This Lifetime Tour. To date, GNR have played over 900 shows across 12 different tours and 2 residencies.

Who are the members of Guns N Roses?

In 2016, Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan shocked and thrilled fans around the world after revealing they were reuniting for their now historic Not In This Lifetime Tour. The band brought endless energy to more than 150 shows, playing for more than 5.5 million fans worldwide.

When did Guns N Roses come to La?

Awesome show, sound was not as good as it could be as it always is at this arena but the show was great. Following the group's 1985 formation, Guns N' Roses injected unbridled, unrivaled, and unstoppable attitude into the burgeoning Los Angeles rock scene.

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