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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of guns can I Sell in AZ?

Comes with 420 rounds of steel case 30-06 This is a brand new 2020 Colt Python 6 .357 Magnum. This Colt Python 6 .357 revolver is a beast that needs to be part of Selling my 5" PPQ less than 50 rounds through it. Thought I was gonna use it for competition but never got around to it. Glock 19/gen5/9mm for sale.

Where are the best gun shops in Arizona?

AZ Guns of Chandler is Arizona’s top gun shop serving Chandler, Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert and offers online sales and shipping for buyers across the United States. Veteran & Firefighter owned, NRA friendly, NSSF member, Law Enforcement Firearms dealer.

Can you buy used guns at

YES, WE BUY, SELL, TRADE AND CONSIGN. We have both new and used guns! YES, WE HAVE AN IN-HOUSE GUNSMITH. He makes his own hours, so call ahead! YES, WE HAVE FIREARMS TRAINING CLASSES. Both private lessons on firearms basics, as well as group concealed carry permit classes!

Do you have to certify on guns Arizona?

You agree that Guns Arizona does not vouch or certify that any item listed is authentic or that any seller is legitimate. All items listed are by individual users that have not undergone any certification process. You must follow all applicable state and federal laws and agree that you will not use this website for any illegal purposes.

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