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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Gator guns and Archery Center in Florida?

Gator Guns & Archery Center offers a 20 yard, indoor archery lane. Gator Guns & Archery Center is a Family Owned Business Serving South Florida for the Past 17 Years Committed to Helping You Select The Right Equipment.

Is there an in-house gunsmith at gunsetc?

YES, WE HAVE AN IN-HOUSE GUNSMITH. He makes his own hours, so call ahead! YES, WE HAVE FIREARMS TRAINING CLASSES. Both private lessons on firearms basics, as well as group concealed carry permit classes! NO, WE DO NOT HAVE A LIVE FIRE RANGE.

What kind of shotgun is Ashton the gun instructor selling?

…it’s just different here… Our Firearms instructor, Ashton, is selling his lightly-used NFA Short Barreled Benelli M4 Entry shotgun.

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