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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the story behind November Rain?

“November Rain” is based on the short story “Without You”, written by Del James and published in his book “The Language of Fear” a few years later. The story is basically about a rock star, grieving over the death of his girlfriend, who had committed suicide.

What is the meaning of the lyrics to November Rain?

Musically, "November Rain" has a close resemblance to both of these songs, highlighted by the increasing tempo changes and chord progression. As for the meaning of the lyrics, according to Axl himself, the song is about "not wanting to be in a state of having to deal with unrequited love.".

Which album was November Rain on?

" November Rain " is a power ballad by the American hard rock band Guns N' Roses. Written by the band's lead vocalist Axl Rose, the song was released as a single in 1992 from their third studio album, Use Your Illusion I (1991). "November Rain" peaked at number three on the United States Billboard Hot 100 chart,...

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