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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the biggest gun shop in Pennsylvania?

What a poor way to run a business! Grice Gun Shop is huge, without any doubt not only the biggest in the area but possibly the largest in the State of Pennsylvania. The good thing about Grice is that its orientation is directed primarily toward sporting guns as used in hunting.

Who is Grice gun shop?

Grice Gun Shop, Inc. is still a family owned business with three generations of family members currently working, along with a great dedicated staff of employees ready to serve our customers with knowledge and full line of excellent products. We are a full line sporting goods retailer stocking major brands.

What is the Clearfield archery shop like?

Overall, it's a store for your average field hunter, which is just fine considering it is located within the City of Clearfield, a rather remote impoverish backward Appalachian coal town.

How many guns are there in Penn State gun shop?

Pennsylvania's largest gun shop with over 10,000 guns in stock. Featuring all leading brands of firearms, handguns, scopes, binoculars, ammo, reloading, hunting and shooting accessories and hunting clothing and boots. Monday & Friday 9am-8pm; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday 9am-5pm

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