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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a gun business in Texas City?

We are a Texas City, TX gun business that tries our best to give world class customer service.

Where is Gun Barrel City in North Texas?

GUN BARREL CITY, TEXAS Gun Barrel City lies on the eastern shore of Cedar Creek Reservoir fifty-five miles southeast of Dallas. The community developed after construction of the reservoir in 1969 and grew rapidly. Sixty residents were reported there in 1970 and 3,526 by the early 1990s.

Where can I buy a gun in Paradise?

And come on in to our little corner of paradise... A safe haven for our family owned business of bringing goods to the good guys. We've got guns. We've got accessories.

What is the plan for Gun Barrel City?

The City of Gun Barrel City is beginning the process of updating the City's Comprehensive Plan with help from planning consultants at Freese and Nichols. This plan will update the community's vision and will provide goals, objectives, and recommendations for Gun Barrel City's growth and development for the years to come.

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