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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for a gun towing vehicle?

The requirements sought by the Army for the vehicles include a capability to operate across terrains with a payload of 8,000 kg or more with a gun in tow weighing upto 20 tonnes. The Army has said the vehicles should have a diesel engine and an ammunition handling crane with hydraulic or electric drive of minimum two tonne capacity.

Who is the best Towing Company in Los Angeles?

U.S. Tow provides towing services throughout greater Los Angeles. Their team has years of towing experience and can deliver fast and affordable towing 24/7/365. Call U.S. Tow knowing you’re calling the best Los Angeles Local Towing Service.

Is there an auto auction for US towing?

Each week US Tow holds a public auto auction to sell cars that have been seized or abandoned. Most of these vehicles were running when they were seized and provide a great deal to buyers. Auctions are required by law. All seized vehicles must be publicly auctioned and all are welcome.

Where can I get u.s.tow roadside assistance?

U.S. Tow offers fast and affordable freeway roadside assistance. Their immediate response freeway roadside is available in all area freeways including: I-5, I-10,I-105, I-110, I-405, I-710 and US 101. Learn more about their Los Angeles Freeway Roadside Services.

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