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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to buy a cheap gun safe?

Without a minimum rating of UL RSC-I, a cheap gun safe is basically an overpriced gym locker. Often non-RSC cheap gun safes also come with an unreliable lock. In that case you’re better off buying a toolbox, gun cabinet , building a closet gun safe , hidden gun safe , or one of the many other gun safe alternatives.

What should I look for in a gun safe?

With most gun safes, what you are paying for is nice paint, chrome, decorative items, and interior. Typical gun safes sell the appearance of protection in a security container that can be broken into in a couple minutes with pry bars or an ax.

Who is the largest manufacturer of gun safes?

Keep in mind the issues with Chinese gun safes, including that their locks or RSC rating stickers may be fake. Liberty is the largest manufacturer of gun safes. They are aggressive marketers and make some misleading claims that I’ve highlighted on other pages in this site.

What are the different types of gun safes?

Below, recommendations for top rated gun safes are broken into 3 different protection and budget categories: Prices range from inexpensive gun safes to high-security true safes. All models included here maximize the actual protection per dollar.

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