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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there Part 2 of gunsmith Part 2?

Gunsmith - Part 2 is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov.

What to do in Gunsmith Part 3 escape from Tarkov?

Gunsmith. Part 3 – Escape From Tarkov Guide We love doing things slowly, but only if they remain with high relevance. Now it’s time for the third quest from the Gunsmith series in Escape From Tarkov, and Mechanic wants us to build an MP5 according to his specifications. Without further ado, let’s jump to the quest description.

Which is the best part of gunsmith?

Gunsmith. Part 3 Gunsmith. Part 2 Gunsmith. Part 4 "When i was a child, people used to say that it is not a destination that matters, but a journey itself. But what if the destination is yourself, what do you know, how you use your reflexes and how many rounds you have in the magazine?

How does the world feel in Gunsmith Part 4?

The whole world feels like it's descending into an abyss, a gaping, cold abyss. Everything has lost its meaning. People, their values, their thoughts, and their goals. They don't know anymore why they should take joy, work, have children.

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