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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hades a good guy?

Hades is possibly the most misjudged and misinterpreted Greek god. Clash of the Titans, Disney’s Hercules, the Percy Jackson movie – the god Hades is the bad guy. In these adaptations of the Greek god Hades, renowned God of the Dead, he often seems to be up to mischief, concocting his latest evil plan and causing mayhem for all involved.

Is Hades the same as the Devil?

Hades and Satan are both rulers of their own “Underworld”, as well as both have places of punishment. In these reasons Hades and Satan are somewhat similar. But, both have different personalities. While the Devil is the absolute most evil creature alive, Hades is doing his part in Greek mythology.

What are some interesting facts about Hades?

Facts About Hades. Hades is a Greek mythological god and is the son of Cronus and Rhea. Hades is a bearded man in appearance, just like Zeus. He holds a scepter and a horn of plentiness. These are considered as his symbols. Hades is the god of riches and the wealth of the earth.

What are the personality traits of Hades?

Hades is the God of Wealth (as plants and metal come from the underworld) and is hence highly regarded. Unusual traits include laziness & procrastination.

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