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Frequently Asked Questions

When was Haigh's founded?

Discover the history of Haigh's, founded on May 1st 1915 by Alfred E Haigh in Adelaide, South Australia. Haigh's Today We are Australia's oldest family-owned chocolate maker making fine chocolates from the cocoa bean since 1915. Community

Where are Haigh's chocolates made?

Haigh's Chocolates is an Australian family owned bean-to-bar chocolate making company based in Adelaide, South Australia. It was founded in 1915 by Alfred E. Haigh and now has retail outlets in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney . Alfred E. Haigh was born in 1877 in Adelaide, South Australia.

How many Haigh's stores are there in Sydney?

There are four Haigh's stores in Sydney in the Queen Victoria Building, The Strand Arcade, Chatswood Chase Sydney and Westfield Bondi Junction. There is also a store in Canberra.

What did John George Haigh do for a living?

Four years later, free from prison and armed with his macabre knowledge, John George Haigh took a job at an engineering firm in the accounting department. Soon after, he ran into an old friend, named William McSwan, whom he had worked as a chauffeur for.

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