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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Haigh's chocolates make their chocolates?

The family-owned company makes more than 250 products at its Parkside factory five minutes drive from Adelaide city centre. Take a free guided viewing tour to learn the history of Haigh's and how they make premium quality chocolate from cocoa beans sourced from plantations around the world.

How long is the tour at Haighs chocolates?

As well as our standard product lines, we also offer factory seconds and discontinued lines plus additional souvenirs and gourmet foods. Factory Tours Join us for a free 20 minute tour and find out about the history of the company and get a peek at how we turn a bitter cocoa bean into delicious chocolate.

Where is Haighs Chocolate Factory in Parkside SA?

The Visitor Centre is located at 154 Greenhill Road, Parkside, SA. Tours operate Monday and Saturday between 9am and 2.30pm, Tuesday to Friday 9am to 4pm and are unavailable on Sundays or public holidays.

Where to eat the best chocolate in Adelaide?

In the heart of Adelaide City, there is a paradise for chocolate-lovers in the form of Haigh’s Chocolates Visitor Centre. Here, those with a sweet tooth can learn how the sumptuous flavours are created and can sample some of the homemade goodness along the way.

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