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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best home facial hair remover?

The combination of fenugreek and green gram is one of the most effective home remedies for facial hair removal that you should try. Nonetheless, if possible, you can consider using fenugreek as a facial mask. Directions: Grind 1-2 tsp. each of fenugreek seeds and green gram in order to get their powder.

What is the best natural way to remove facial hair?

Oatmeal, honey and sugar scrub for unwanted hair removal. Another natural ways to remove unwanted hair from the face is with oatmeal, honey and sugar which can be tried by both men (body hair) and women though it shows good and quick results with women’s thinner, softer facial hair.

What is the best permanent facial hair removal?

Electrolysis is the most common type of permanent facial hair removal method. Straight tip and slanted tweezers are often used for facial hair removal. Threading is a popular technique for long-lasting facial hair removal.

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