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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I print printable images for Halloween?

Simply browse the Clip Art & Printable Images galleries on the next few pages, find the image you want, click on it to see the full size, download and print your own copy! These 8 x 10 printables are easy to print and frame to help you create a unique display piece for Halloween.

How many free Halloween printables are there?

Halloween will be here before you know it, so we’ve curated an AWESOME collection of 40+ FREE Halloween printables for you! From games and activities (hello coloring pages, word searches, bingo, charades, trivia, and more!) to home decor and party decorations like cupcake wrappers, treat bags, banners and more…plus EVERYTHING in between!

What kind of pictures do you put on your Halloween cards?

This list includes images for everything from vintage pumpkins, creepy crawly bugs, serious owls and ravens, frightening bats and rats, witches, to morbid advertising. You’ll be sure to find something that you can use to Craft up the perfect Halloween Holiday!

Are there any Halloween coloring sheets for preschoolers?

From spooky and scary, to cute and silly, for preschoolers to big kids, there are so many Halloween coloring sheets to choose from! Our coloring sheets are high-resolution letter-sized printable PDFs.

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