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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best guide to Harbor Freight welders?

Guide to Harbor Freight Welders: GOOD BETTER BEST! - YouTube Guide to Harbor Freight Welders: GOOD BETTER BEST! If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Is the Harbor Freight welder DC or AC?

The only good thing to say is that it is very portable because it operates on 115 volts. The major issue is that it welds using alternating current. I just ordered parts to upgrade the welder to DC. There are youtube videos showing this upgrade, some better than others.

Is the Harbor Freight 170amp MiG a good welder?

I have friends that have the Harbor Freight 170amp mig- they swear by it-if you are just a weekend welder, flux core is OK. If you want cleaner welds- get one with Gas. (Except outdoors in the breeze). My advice- for the money you have- Harbor Freight is hard to beat- get a warranty- and understand its limits and you will be Happy!-

Are there any JB welds at Harbor Freight?

Yeah Harbor Freight might have their own version of JB Weld and Loctite, but don’t bother the small savings, just go with the brand name stuff. It’s proven, and not much more expensive. 19. Drill Bit Sets | DO Again, extra is always good.

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