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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the photo hatchback BP 250 AW II?

The Photo Hatchback BP 250 AW II fits a DSLR with attached lens (such as 18-105mm), 2 extra lenses, action camera, accessories and personal items, and a 10" tablet Features secure, body-side access with a hatch-style opening Store, organize and protect your photo/action video gear in the removable camera compartment.

What colors does the photo hatchback BP come in?

The Photo Hatchback BP 150 AW II is available in Black and Blue. The Photo Hatchback BP 250 AW II is available in Black and Blue. . . . .

What material is the BP 250 AW II backpack made of?

Your BP 250 AW II Backpack is made of tough 600D polyester and 210D nylon. Locating gear in low light is easier thanks to the light gray interior lining. To keep gear protected, the pack has a built-in, all-weather cover. See any errors on this page?

What is a hatchback backpack?

"Hatchback" stands for body-side access. This means your camera gear is secure from entry while you are wearing the pack. The removable camera compartment allows you to quickly switch between a great photo backpack and a general-purpose daypack. Padded CradleFit™ device pocket suspends your tablet.

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