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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in Chapter 2 of Hatchet?

Hatchet Chapter 2 Summary. He realizes that he'll have to try to bring the plane down on a lake, because if it goes down in the trees it'll be destroyed and he'll most definitely die. When the plane starts going down, he decides, he'll try to find a lake, push the nose of the plane down to point the plane toward it,...

What is the summary of Hatchet?

Summary of Hatchet. The Hatchet is about a boy named Brian Robeson and he gets stranded in northern Canada when the pilot of the plane he is on has a heart attack. He is left without food and shelter. This is the story about how he survived.

Is there a sequel to Hatchet?

Hatchet II is a 2010 American slasher film written and directed by Adam Green. It is the sequel to Green's film, Hatchet.

What is the Hatchet series?

The Hatchet series, or Brian's Saga, five novels published from 1987 to 2003, comprises some of Paulsen's best known work. Dogsong (1985), The Winter Room (1989), and Harris and Me (1993) are three others of his many popular novels.

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