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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the Hatfields live during the Civil War?

The majority of the Hatfields, although living in Mingo County (then part of Logan County ), West Virginia, fought on the Confederate side in the American Civil War; most McCoys, living in Pike County, Kentucky, also fought for the Confederates; with the exception of Asa Harmon McCoy, who fought for the Union.

Which is better the Hatfields or the McCoys?

The Hatfields were more affluent than the McCoys and were well-connected politically. Devil Anse Hatfield’s timbering operation was the source of wealth for his family, and he employed dozens of men, including some of the McCoys. Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River between Kentucky and West Virginia.

Where did Devil Anse Hatfield live as a child?

Born in 1839, "Devil Anse" Hatfield grew up in what is now Logan County, West Virginia. He took a leading role in his family's feud with the McCoys. In 1882, Hatfield's brother was murdered and he had the three McCoys responsible killed. He was indicted for his role in these crimes, but never was tried.

What was the name of the Disney cartoon about the Hatfields?

The 1939 Max Fleischer cartoon Musical Mountaineers has Betty Boop wander into the territory of the Peters family who are at war with the Hatfields. The 1946 Disney cartoon short The Martins and the Coys in Make Mine Music animated feature was another very thinly disguised caricature of the Hatfield–McCoy feud.

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