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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the rappers that wear top hats?

From LL Cool J to Pharrell Williams, signature hats have been worn by rappers for generations. As newcomers step into the hip-hop industry we are seeing new versions of top hats, while other new rappers in the scene are brining back certain signature hat styles known to be big in the 80's.

What kind of hats are used in trap music?

One of the most innovative aspects of trap music today is the rolling hi-hats you hear in trap sub-genres like drill and footwork. The key to getting rolls right is putting them in rhythmically appropriate places where they complement the pulse of the beat.

What's the difference between a trap hat and a hi hat?

Here’s an excellent collection of hand-picked trap hi-hat samples. The dividing line that separates trap hi-hats from hip hop hi-hats, is their level of complexity. Specifically, it’s their use of four rhythmic ideas you won’t find very much in old school hip hop– triplets, rolls, pitch and swing.

Who are some producers that use hi hats?

Another inspiring producer to look at also comes from Chicago. Young Chop is a legend for creating the drill sound. In drill, hi-hat rolls are creatively used in abundance. Almost every element of a drill beat involves a rolled hi-hat. Just listen to how hard-hitting the rolls are in Chief Keef’s I Don’t Like.

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