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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Hauteclere?

Etymology. [ view · edit · purge] Hauteclere (or Halteclere, or Hauteclaire, literally "High and neat") is the sword of Olivier, a character in the French epic The Song of Roland. As spelled, it combines "high" and "clear".

Who can use the Hauteclere axe?

An axe of unknown make and origin, it is notably of equal strength to the Three Regalia of Archanea and can be used as an item to recover 10 HP. In both Archanea titles that the Hauteclere appears in, Minerva, the princess of Macedon, arrives with this axe, however it can be used by any character with sufficient axe rank .

Where can I find Hauteclaire?

Hauteclaire is a weapon for Lightning. It is a member of the Gestalt group, requires 54,800 EXP to upgrade to its full level, and can be bought from Gilgamesh, inc. for 20,000 gil or found in the Mah'habara Subterra. It is a rank 4 weapon, with a minimum Strength and Magic of 13, and maximum Strength and Magic of 138.

How do you get the Hauteclere in xenologue?

The Hauteclere appears yet again in Awakening, and is considered to be a Regalia weapon that can be acquired through the random opening of a Chest in Xenologue 15, or by defeating the Basilio's Brashest challenge in Double Duel .

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