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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I load fixtures of a bundle in HauteLook?

Then simply load your fixtures with the doctrine command php bin/console hautelook:fixtures:load. If you want to load the fixtures of a bundle only, do php bin/console hautelook:fixtures:load -b MyFirstBundle -b MySecondBundle.

What happened to hautelookalicebundle?

HautelookAliceBundle changed a lot, it first was acting as a simple bundle for nelmio/alice , it then started to ship some additional features to enrich it. HautelookAliceBundle 1.x was the first milestone reaching a certain level of maturity in its usage:

What is the best Alice-bundle alternative for high level testing?

hautelook/alice-bundle 2.x provides high-level features including fixtures discovery (find the appropriate files and load them), and helpers for database testing. If you just need to load specific sets of files for your tests, FidryAliceDataFixtures is enough.

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