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Frequently Asked Questions

How did HauteLook start?

Bernhard initially started the site as while he was working at Joie and noticed a market for off-price goods that were either in excess or leftover merchandise. In 2007, he renamed the website and launched HauteLook in Los Angeles with four employees.

What discounts does HauteLook offer?

HauteLook offers discounts of 50 to 75 percent off retail prices with new sale events every morning. Launched in 2007, HauteLook is owned and operated by Nordstrom.

What is the difference between HauteLook and Nordstrom Rack?

In May 2014, HauteLook launched, an e-commerce site and mobile app, built on a shared platform that gives customers access to shop Nordstrom Rack merchandise alongside HauteLook flash sale events with Hautelook having more luxury retail items than Nordstrom Rack.

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